Liquidity and

Tokenization of Real World Assets

The DigiShares white-label tokenization platform enables you to digitize and automate processes related to investments, distributions, and trading. With an end-to-end solution, you can:
— Fractionalize your assets, companies, and funds down to $100.
— Allow investors to pay in fiat or stablecoin.
— Pay out dividends and rental income in fiat or stablecoin.
— Facilitate trading peer-to-peer wallet-to-wallet without counterparty risk.
— Manage share cap table and corporate actions to stay compliant.
— Onboard investors with KYC and e-signing of documents.
Through fractionalization and liquidity, you can gain a competitive edge.

— Claus Skaaning, Founder & CEO of DigiShares

Get your own Tokenization Platform for Compliant Issuance, Investor Management and Peer-to-Peer Trading of Digital Asset Securities.

The market-leading tokenization platform, deployed in 40+ countries, with a large number of configuration options, open APIs for integration into legacy systems, highly customizable user interfaces, and direct integration with RealEstate.Exchange.
Tokenize your properties, development projects, funds, companies, and assets to fund-raise, create internal liquidity among shareholders, and significantly reduce cost by automating back office functions.

DigiShares Investment Round

Exciting news! Our US investment round is open again for a limited time. If you're keen on investing in a leading player in the fast-growing RWA tokenization ecosystem, now's your opportunity!

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DigiShares Webinar Series

Webinar: Tokenization of Alternative Assets

Date: April 17th, 2024
Time: 05:00 – 07:00 PM (CET)
Location: Online

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