DigiShares Receives Danish Public Grant

DigiShares: We are proud to announce that DigiShares has received a prestigious grant from the Danish Innovation Fund, the “Innofounder” grant. This grant is only awarded to the most innovative companies in Denmark and only to projects that are innovative, scalable and with a high likelihood of actually penetrating significant markets.

The size of the grant is around EUR 62,000 and it is paid out to the top 5-10% of applicants in each application round.

The focus of DigiShares‘ grant will be to further develop its capabilities within the real estate tokenization space with a focus on issuance, corporate management, and trading. DigiShares’ long term vision is to help facilitate the democratization of the real estate investment market and make it 10x more common for retail investors to include real estate in their investment portfolio.

Claus Skaaning, CEO of DigiShares, says, “The awarding of the grant is a stamp of recognition on DigiShares’ strategy and technology and will longer term make it easier for us to collaborate with large real estate developers and institutional investors. With the Innofounder and other grant programs, the Danish Innovation Fund has made it significantly easier for companies with experimental break-through innovations to get to market. We are very grateful for the recognition and support.”.

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DigiShares Chosen for Holt Selection Day

We are proud to announce that DigiShares has been chosen for Holt Selection Day. Holt Selection Day is the final competition to select the 10 teams to enter the Holt Accelerator’s 2020 cohort.

The Holt Accelerator is among the world’s leading fintech accelerators. It is based in Canada and is a recognized route into the North American market as well as the institutional markets.

For its 2020 cohort, Holt received 724 applications, and the top 3% were selected for the Holt Selection Day. We are proud to be among the 24 teams selected.

The Selection Day is an intense competition where participants pitch to 130 advisors in 16 rounds. The Selection Day for 2020 is today, June 16th.

DigiShares views the Holt Accelerator as an important and efficient element of our go-to-market strategy. If selected for the 2020 cohort, it will help us accelerate our global business strategy, to be on the forefront of tokenization, and to be increasingly working closely with established financial services and capital markets companies.

Wish us luck!

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