DigiShares Opens Office in the US

We are excited to announce that we have opened office in the US to put more focus on our US market efforts. The office is based in NYC and we have hired the first employee to be solely focused on the US markets.

Currently most DigiShares clients are based in the US and most incoming leads are also US-based. From a regulatory perspective, the US is also for several reasons a simpler and easier jurisdiction to tokenize out of rather than Europe.

If you are based in the US and interested in tokenization, please come to us with your request. We are constantly on the lookout for white-label partners in the US interested to tokenize real estate and other types of assets.

As a reminder, DigiShares provides a market-leading white-label platform for tokenization that digitizes and automates processes related to financing, corporate management, and trading. It is a multi-project platform with 3 levels of access, for white-label platform administrators, project administrators and investors.

Asset managers, fund managers, and real estate developers use the platform in order to automate processes and save administrative cost, to fractionalize and reach new types of investors, and to provide liquidity to their investors where there was none before.

First US Employee

We are happy to announce that Gabriel Sadoun will be joining us to support our US Business Development. He is a Franco-American based in NYC with 3 years of investment banking experience.

As Gabriel explains it in his own words:

“After being exposed to private market capital raising and transactions for a few years, it seemed quite clear to me that the sector was ripe for disruption. I became interested in learning about ways in which private market investing could become more accessible, less expensive and time consuming, and offer more liquidity. This naturally led me to discover the benefits of blockchain technology and security tokenization. The more I read about it, the more I could see how it could bring massive innovation to private markets.”

“When I made it my goal to join a pioneer in security tokenization, DigiShares was one of the first names on my radar. They are clearly one of the very few real estate / real assets security tokenization software specialists in the world. I consider myself very lucky to be joining such an exciting company and field at an early stage.”

“The US is the world’s largest financial market and the epicenter of innovation, which is why I’m convinced of DigiShares’ huge potential to grow here. There are over 13M accredited investor households in the US, many of which are having most of their wealth tied to public capital markets and/or a very small number of real estate properties. DigiShares’ software has the potential to help them access diversified private market opportunities, by enabling asset managers and crowdfunding platforms to lower minimum investment requirements and helping investors access liquidity. Hopefully, in the next few years, the regulatory environment will evolve to broaden this opportunity to the whole population. That’s the future I’m excited about and I look forward to working towards it with DigiShares and their partners.”

If you are interested in a consultation or to learn more, reach out to Gabriel at: [email protected]

Finance Meets Real Estate Crypto Week Finovate Spring 2021 and Growing Cities Podcast

Finance Meets Real Estate Video

We are excited to announce that the Growing Cities Podcast can be found here. Claus Skaaning, CEO of DigiShares, introduces the concepts of blockchain and tokenization and explains the underlying ideas and value propositions of these concepts.

Claus further introduces how these new technologies provide value for real estate developers in order to digitize and automate their processes, reach new types of investors, and create new levels of liquidity. Finally, Claus speaks about the real use cases from DigiShares’ own catalog of clients.

Crypto Week

Crypto Week was created to contribute to the development of the underground economy in Brazil and foster investment and new business market. Crypto Week is the largest crypto event in South America.

Claus will be participating in a panel discussion on the topic of tokenization, the current market situation and future visions. Other participants include:

  • Christian Platzer from Black Manta
  • Mohammed Mahfoud from DECA4
  • Jorge Sebastiao from Global Blockchain Organization

Thousands of people interested in the cryptocurrency ecosystem will be gathered to expand and present the vast opportunities of this new and promising market. The event can be found here.

Finovate Spring 2021 Demonstration

We are proud to announce that DigiShares will be presenting its Multi-STO platform at FinovateSpring on May 10th 2021. Our CEO participated in a 25 in 5 Q&A session with David Penn that will be played off at the event. It is a session with fast questions and answers to better get to know DigiShares and its background.

Finovate is known for spotlighting new fintech innovations from seed-stage startups to established leaders. And for FinovateSpring 2021, this will happen virtually.

Hand-selected companies demo — not just pitch — their services and solutions for the financial industry in 8 minutes. That way, attendees can see how the tech works and if it’s the right fit for their organizations.

After each demo session, join the demo speakers for live Q&A and chat moderated by Finovate. The event can be accessed here.

Growing Cities Podcast

In addition our CEO will be participating in the Muse award-winning Growing Cities Podcast hosted by Viviana M. Addo and featuring key stakeholders from cities like Cali, Bogota, Honolulu, and New York discussing ideas on how to sustainably grow a city. From public servants to scholastic professors, Growing Cities brings together minds and ideas and gives them a uniquely branded soapbox to reach thousands of English and Spanish-speaking listeners (the podcast is broadcast in both Spanish and English).

The topic of this podcast will be tokenization and how it brings value to real estate.

It is set to be recorded next week and posted shortly after, where over 5000 listeners will be able to listen to the conversation.

DigiShares Partners with Tangany on Custody for Security Tokens

DigiShares and Tangany enters into a partnership such that DigiShares can offer Tangany’s white-label custody solution to its customers.

DigiShares provides a leading white-label tokenization solution for real estate and other assets that is offered to real estate developers and asset managers in order to digitize and automate their processes related to financing, corporate management, and trading of their assets. As part of the process, DigiShares’ white-label partners will issue security tokens backed by the underlying assets. These security tokens can now be kept in safe custody with Tangany.

Tangany is a German crypto custodian whose service has been used by corporates and institutions for various use cases as a white-label solution since 2018. This mainly focuses on tokenization projects, institutional investors and asset managers such as crypto services. The company is preliminary regulated as a German crypto custodian under § 64y KwG (German Banking Act). The Custody Suite, which is used by more than 25 clients, offers highly flexible solutions for different business cases. Be it for the safekeeping of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or for the issuance of security tokens.

The benefit of Tangany’s solution is obvious for Claus Skaaning, CEO of DigiShares A/S: “Tangany is among the European market-leaders for custody of tokenized assets. So, we are very happy to announce this collaboration and are looking forward to many joint tokenization projects.”

Martin Kreitmair, Managing Director of Tangany GmbH, adds: “Tokenization is one of our target markets. It’s great to work close with Mr. Skaaning and his team and to provide our tech solution for their projects. We view DigiShares as one of the leading providers of white-label tokenization platforms.”

DigiShares aims to launch the first project on Tangany’s custody platform within the next few weeks.

About Tangany GmbH

Tangany is a white label custodian for digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Security Tokens. This service has been offered since 2018 at the highest technical level and always in compliance with the regulation. Tangany specializes in finance, tokenization, and crypto markets. The product is being used by more than 25 clients from the named sectors. The company was recently awarded the prestigious FinTech Germany Award 2020.


Martin Kreitmair, [email protected], +49 (0)89 9982095-70

DigiShares and BAHGS Fund Partner on Tokenization of US Real Estate

DigiShares, a leading provider of white-label tokenization solutions for real assets has partnered with BAHGS Fund, a blockchain-based marketplace that seeks to fractionalize ownership for affordable residential real estate in the US.

As part of their cooperation, a white-label platform for tokenization of real estate will be launched.

This will allow BAHGS Fund to list residential and mixed-use properties on the DigiShares platform that will provide investors early liquidity options through the issuance of asset-backed digital securities.

The new partnership aims to create a bridge between traditional financial players and the emerging fintech sector by using the strength and expertise of financial investors and the creativity of tokenization technology.

This will also be the first public Security Token Offering (STO) backed by affordable residential real estate at this scale, with an initial fundraising goal of $11,880,000 but with many subsequent offerings planned under the terms of the white-label partnership.

Today, the global real estate market is worth $228 trillion, but only 7% of that is available for retail investment. By using distributed ledger technology, investors can reduce their initial investment cost and diversify their capital into multiple projects.

Edward Mason, BAHGS CEO, says, “we are excited about this partnership. We view DigiShares as one of the leaders in real estate tokenization and expect to tokenize a number of exciting real estate opportunities on their platform”.

Claus Skaaning, DigiShares CEO, says, “we are excited to partner with BAHGS in this underserved part of the US real estate market. We believe that tokenization technology will be very helpful in bringing equal opportunity and liquidity to the real estate markets”.

BAHGS Fund, founded in April 2020, is a blockchain-based marketplace that leverages tokenization technology to fractionalize ownership of real estate. By investing through BAHGS Fund’s platform, small investors as well as major institutional companies can invest in affordable residential real estate as the platform incentivizes capital gains investments with a social impact.

Their real estate is usually located in the so-called Qualified Opportunity Zones which are underserved communities across America’s rural and urban areas.

BAHGS Coin offers fractional ownership of asset-back investments while providing people with affordable, sustainable and green homes. The partnership makes it possible to accept 10,000 investors into a real estate project instead of 10 or 100, while also giving them the ability to trade digital assets peer-to-peer.

Over the next year we will offer $237M of affordable shipping container homes, as well as other projects backed by real estate, profit sharing agreements and other real world assets.

See more here.