DigiShares’ Newsletter 86

Using Real Estate as Collateral for Loan

We are exploring options to enable our white label partners access to fast and inexpensive options for Real Estate Collateralized Lending. We are currently looking for use cases. If you have quality real estate properties and is interested in collateralized lending, please contact us at [email protected]

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Even if you didn’t attend, we wanted to send you the webinar recording and the available slidedecks. See you in our next webinar: Real Estate Tokenization End-to-End Consultancy on February 16, 2022.

Webinar Recording

FEBRUARY 16, 2022: Real Estate Tokenization End-to-End Consultancy

DigiShares is excited to announce our next webinar: Real Estate Tokenization End-to-End Consultancy | February 16, 2022 at 03:00 – 05:30 pm CET / 09:00 – 11:30 am EDT.

This time we will be focusing on end-to-end consultancy related to tokenization. 5 global leading consultancy firms will present their takes on:
✅ How to scope and frame tokenization projects.
✅ How to support the business development efforts related to these projects.

Anyone who considers a tokenization project should attend this webinar to learn more about how to develop and manage a tokenization project strategically and to maximize the value and quality.

It’s totally free, register today and share it with your friends and colleagues! You are also welcomed to join our Linkedin Event to get the latest news regarding the webinar.

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Article | One Token Over The Line: Are NFTs The Future Of Buying And Selling Real Estate?

“But first, to make NFT-backed sales of real estate possible on a widespread basis, they need to be allowed and standardized across a wide variety of municipalities. Like many tech firms attempting to change the way homes are sold, there is some dependence on the sophistication of local government.

Others are finding different ways to make the buying and selling process more high-tech in a way that doesn’t require government intervention. Tokenization is a process that splits the shares of an asset into numerous tokens that can be sold more quickly via digital currency and blockchain technology. DigiShares CEO Claus Skaaning compared the process to a “do-it-yourself REIT,” or a real estate asset trust, which turns the shares into digital assets while helping increase liquidity and democratize access to commercial property investment.

So far, his firm has helped investors tokenize many different assets, including Myra Park, a 250-unit apartment project near Dallas developed by MarketSpace Capital. He sees NFTs as being a little too risky right now. “

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Real Estate Tokenization & Global Regulations

Past Webinar

Real Estate Tokenization &
Global Regulations

All times in EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)

9.00 am – Welcome & Introduction
Mette Kibsgaard, CMO, DigiShares

9.05 am – Tokenization Industry Status Update and DigiShares Traction

Claus Skaaning, CEO, DigiShares

9.15 am – EU Regulation for Tokenization

Volodymyr Havrylyuk-Yensen, Legal Counsel, Digishares

9.25 am – US Regulations for Tokenization

Tyler J. Harttraft, Partner, Bull Blockchain Law, LLP

9.35 am – UK and EU Regulations for Tokenization
Charles Kerrigan, Partner, CMS

9.45 am – Singapore and Asia Regulations for Tokenization

Sinha Pooja, Associate Director, Forte Law

9.55 am – Swiss Regulations for Tokenization
Nicola Massella, Partner, STORM Partners

10.05 am – German Regulations for Tokenization
Alireza Siadat, Partner, Annerton

10.15 am – Case Study: GAINTECH
Tad Lagastee, CEO, GAIN Companies

10.25 am – Case Study: Bimount
Rodolfo Monsberger, CEO & Founder, Bimount

10.35 am – Fireside Chat & AMA


January 19, 2022

Full Webinar

DigiShares’ Newsletter 85

DigiShares White-Label Partner BRIK Token Series “$BRIKkoala: Official Launch Dates

A DigiShares white-label client, BRIKbc, is now ready to issue their first tokens.

The first BRIKbc Projects‘ Tokenized Real Estate Property BRIK Token Series, $BRIKkoala, is based in Brisbane, Australia (5km from CBD). A high-end luxury residential family home rented out to tenants indefinitely.

Brisbane has recently been named the 2032 Olympics City (which also has events on the Gold Coast which is 100km south of Brisbane and Sunshine Coast which is 100km north of Brisbane), and these are geographical areas of focus. Our BRIK Property Tokens Series’ focuses on high end luxury residential family homes in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast that are rented investments.

The BRIKkoala token series is made up of 40,000 Tokens. See this Ethereum Blockchain Scan showing the $BRIKkoala Token Series.

To access the $BRIKkoala Property Token Series, please go to BRIKbc Property Tokens Platform.

BRIKbc Property Tokens Platform has been built and maintained by DigiShares, one of the world’s leading Property Tokenization Blockchain Developers.

$BRIKkoala – Property Details

JANUARY 19, 2022: Real Estate Tokenization & Global Regulations

DigiShares is excited to announce that we are hosting a free Webinar: Real Estate Tokenization and Global Regulations on January 19 at 15:00 – 17:00 CET / 09:00 – 11:00 EDT

As one of the leading providers of white-label tokenization platforms for real assets, we recognize that the lack of regulatory guidance in Real Estate Tokenization can disincentivize participants from investing. That is why we have gathered the top industry speakers from all over the world to come and share their knowledge and expertise on Regulations to help you overcome this barrier.

ATTEND this Webinar to get insights about regulatory approaches and actionable practices that can be put in place. You are also very welcome to join our Linkedin Event to meet other attendees and get the latest news regarding to the webinar.