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Claus Skaaning, DigiShares’ CEO will be in San José (USA) from May 7 to 13 and in Vienna (Austria) on May 31 to meet with investors and clients. If you are interested in meeting us, please reach out to [email protected].

Masterclass by DigiShares in San Jose, CA: Sign Up first and go to Blockchain Expo North America for free!

The Blockchain Expo North America in Santa Clara is the main event for the whole blockchain community. Digishares, one of the proud sponsors for this event, invite you to attend our live masterclass on May 10th in San Jose. The masterclass will be dedicated to tokenization of real estate assets.

We are happy to announce that we will give free tickets to the Blockchain Expo to the first 5 signups for our masterclass. Register now and get your free tickets!


April 20: Real Estate Tokenization and Global Regulations Part 2

Global Regulations change all the time and are extremely critical in relation to tokenization. Some countries fully support tokenization (like the US), whereas others are in a grey zone and unregulated, and finally there are countries where tokenization is outright impossible for various reasons. DigiShares’ next webinar is focused on regulations and we will again present the perspective from 5 countries where we see significant demand: India, France, South Africa, Australia and Denmark. You can now take a sneak peak at our upcoming program and speaker line-up here.

To make the webinar more fitting and accessible for India and Australia based viewers, we have modified the time of this webinar to start at 09.00 am CET | 12.30 pm IST | 17.00 AEST.

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Standard DAO – AMA – Tokenizing Assets with Claus Skaaning of DigiShares

Claus Skaaning has been working in the technology sector for close to 25 years. Claus was the CEO of Dezide, a software provider for diagnostics and troubleshooting based on AI. He was also the founder of Sales on Tap and CS Consult where he was a mentor and advisor for new IT and research based companies.

Currently as the CEO of Digishares, his focus is on issuance, management and trading of security tokens / tokenized securities.


Hybrid Event by CMS: Liquidity and Blockchain, from Myth to Reality

Whatever the nature of the tokens (security, utility, NFT or others), they all rely on the promise of easier transferability thanks to the blockchain, the technology behind tokens.

Beyond the various protocols, smart contracts which detail the characteristics of the token and are embedded within the technology, are also important to understand when trading tokens.

In support of liquidity, inoperability of the various protocols is important and in the case that this inoperability does not exist, how can the tokens/smart contracts be negotiated? What types of trading venues exist to support the various scenerios and how are they set up to ensure trading can exist?
What venues need to be regulated and which do not?

The purpose of this conference is to review the various means to organise the liquidity of tokens, whether through platforms, exchanges or bulletin boards, and the challenges, but also the opportunities, offered by the current and future regulations on blockchain.

Please note: If you choose to register for the event concerned by the invitation, your data will be collected by CMS Francis Lefebvre Avocats as the data controller. The terms and conditions for the processing of your data by CMS Francis Lefebvre Avocats are described on the event registration form and in their privacy policy, which can be accessed via the registration form


Webinar Recording Real Estate Tokenization, Liquidity and Secondary Markets

Thank you so much for a successful webinar!

Even if you didn’t attend, we wanted to send you the webinar recording and available presentations! See you in our next webinar: Real Estate Tokenization and Global Regulations Part 2 on April 20, 2022.

Real Estate Tokenization, Liquidity and Secondary Markets


Real Estate Tokenization, Liquidity and Secondary Markets

Past Webinar

Real Estate Tokenization, Liquidity and Secondary Markets

All times in EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)

9.00 am – Welcome & Introduction
Mette Kibsgaard, CMO, DigiShares

9.05 am – Tokenization Industry Status Update and DigiShares Traction
Claus Skaaning, CEO, DigiShares

9.15 am – Real Estate Assets Trading on the tZERO ATS

Ryan Zega; Associate Director, Business Development & Capital Markets; tZERO

9.30 am – Digitally Native Global Capital Markets – Today and Tomorrow

Leanne Bassett, Director & Business Development, Archax

9.45 am – Real World Use Cases of Digital Assets in the Real Estate Space
Darius Liu, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, ADDX

10.00 am – Tokenization: The Regulatory Issues Facing the Industry
Simon Kiero-Watson, Head of Markets, Tokenise Stock Exchange.

10.15 am – Case Study: Coreestate – How Did We Tokenize Our First Real Estate and What Were The Challenges?
Kristaps Cuders, Co-Founder & CEO, Coreestate

10.25 am – Case Study: Realesto – Residential Real Estate Tokenization

Usman Khan, Founder, Realesto

10.35 am – Fireside Chat & AMA


March 16, 2022

Full Webinar

DigiShares’ Newsletter 89



Claus Skaaning, DigiShares’ CEO will be in London on March 24th, 2022 to meet with investors and clients. If you are interested to meet us, please reach out to [email protected]

MARCH 16, 2022: Real Estate Tokenization, Liquidity & Secondary Markets

Liquidity is the most important part of the tokenization value proposition. It is generally accepted that an illiquid asset can become 20-30% more valuable by becoming liquid. For the first time, the world’s top regulated security token exchanges will be together in the same webinar and participating in the same discussion panel.

Mark your calendar on March 16 for our next webinar: Real Estate Tokenization, Liquidity & Secondary Markets
In this webinar, we will:
✅ Hear the visions and perspectives of the top security token exchanges
✅ Get an overview of current and future liquidity providers
✅ Listen to practical use cases of Digital Assets in Real Estate Space

Full Program is now on the Website.

This is not to be missed by anyone in the Security Token Industry. Attend the webinar to learn how to achieve liquidity for security tokens representing real world assets.

Sign up today and share it with your friends and colleagues!

tZERO ATS Commences Trading of MarketSpace Capital’s Myra Park Digital Security

DigiShares is proud to have participated in this project by tZERO Group, Inc. and MarketSpace Capital, with the Myra Park property being tokenized on DigiShares’ white label tokenization platform.

tZERO, a leader in blockchain innovation and liquidity for digital assets, announced today that trading of digital securities representing equity in the Spot @ Myra Park, a real estate development project in Dallas, Texas being developed by MarketSpace Capital, has commenced on the tZERO ATS. This will be the first security to commence trading on tZERO ATS following the launch of its self-clearing operations, illustrating that functionality is key to scaling at a quicker pace and increasing the velocity of asset onboarding.

Investors Can Now Trade Equity in the Spot @ Myra Park, A Real Estate Development Project in Dallas, Texas

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DigiShares at Bank of America EMEA Real Estate CEO Virtual Conference 2022

As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc, the real estate market has seen major shifts. Commercial real estate has seen price declines in many markets while residential real estate is booming. Retail spaces have their own set of challenges. Traders can check in on this BofA CEO summit for the latest thoughts on what the new normal might look like in real estate.

DigiShares’ CEO, Claus Skaaning will be speaking at this event.

DigiShares at Virtual Assets: taking Luxembourg one step further

Virtual assets have undoubtedly become an increasingly hot topic over the last years, with market players showing an increasing interest in practical applications across various sectors, notably in the financial sector.

The growing importance of virtual assets and emerging challenges linked to these have led to several measures, both at national and European levels. In Luxembourg, institutions such at the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) and the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE) have expressed their willingness to take Luxembourg one step further towards digital transformation through a number of concrete initiatives.

CMS Luxembourg is organising a webinar to address these recent developments and get a grasp on the current views and experiences from various market players, who will participate in an interactive panel discussion on this topic.

Speakers and panel will include specialists from Clear stream, Société Générale, DigiShares, Tokeny Solutions and the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

This webinar will, inter alia, tackle the following topics:
• The CSSF’s questions and answer (Q&As) on virtual assets updated on 4 January 2022;
• The key takeaways of the new guidelines issued on 31 January 2022 by the LuxSE regarding the registration of certain distributed ledger-technology (DLT) financial instruments;
• The practical implications of the CSSF’s white paper published on 24 January 2022, aimed at guiding stakeholders in the use of a DLT in the provision of their services;
• Discussion on the maturity of the market based on practical experience.

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DigiShares Received Second Inn booster

DigiShares is pleased to announce that we have recently received a second Innobooster grant of around EUR 140k from Innovation Fund Denmark to further develop their industry framework and infrastructure for real estate tokenization.

The Innovation Fund invests in promoting promising ideas into new solutions that create growth and employment in Denmark, and which also contribute to solving some of society’s challenges. A co-financing Innobooster can help reduce a company’s extraordinary risk in an innovation project.

About Innobooster