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Introducing DigiShares

We provide a platform that enables you to tokenize your assets and get more control and flexibility over the process. We enable you to automate, reduce administrative cost, fractionalize and increase liquidity through trading
— and we help give access to exchanges and the DeFi ecosystem.

— Claus Skaaning, CEO & Founder of DigiShares

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Your gateway into the tokenization ecosystem

An end-to-end solution for tokenized securities.

Industry experts expect that much of the financial infrastructure will move to blockchain over the next 10 years. Banks and stock exchanges are already working on projects to make transfer and settlement of securities faster, more transparent and less error-prone.

Through DigiShares, company shares can be digitized and issued as tokens on the blockchain. A digital share certificate will be stored within each token. Each token will represent one share in the company. DigiShares will ensure that only whitelisted, verified and approved investors can buy tokens.


Immediate trading and settlement

  • Increased access to international investors
  • Increased liquidity of shares
  • Easier access to buy and invest in private companies
  • 24/7 trading
  • Fully transparent and less error-prone

Tokenized Securities – Digital Shares

Traditional financial securities such as stocks, bondsand other real world assets are increasingly moving to blockchain infrastructure. This happens due to the many benefits of this technology, such as lightning fast settlement, 24×7 trading, access to international investors and a significantly increased liquidity.
A security on the blockchain is termed a tokenized security – or a security token. Shares and bonds are digitized and the online trading of these digital securities becomes possible without relying on any middlemen.
World Economic Forum predicts that 10% of the global GDP ($7.8 trillion) will be stored on the blockchain by 2027.
DigiShares is focused on the tokenization of large physical assets, such as real estate, infrastructure, solar, wind, etc.

Compliant Issuance and Management of Securities on the Blockchain

DigiShares is a white-label software solution for the issuance and management of securities (shares, bonds, etc.) on the blockchain. The solution provides a dashboard for the issuer with a share cap table that is automatically updated when tokens are traded. The token smart contract automatically checks that the buyer is whitelisted and updates the share cap table if the trade is allowed. This ensures that the issuer will avoid non-compliance.

The solution provides the investor with a dashboard to register and get verified through a customized KYC/AML process. The issuer can track the status of all investors through the issuer dashboard. The issuer can also manage allocation of shares, approval of investor verification, calling of votes, distribution of dividends, reissuing of lost tokens, etc. The issuer can whitelist new investors that are interested in buying shares.


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Software Solutions

White-label software solution for the compliant issuance and management of digital assets and securities on the blockchain. Rebrandable and customizable to any issuance and investor jurisdiction.

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We help design your token and smart contracts such that they are compliant with securities laws in your jurisdiction. We are technology agnostic and support most recognized protocols for security token smart contracts

Partner Ecosystem

We help you navigate the rapidly developing security token ecosystem within our network of trusted partners among exchanges, investor networks, KYC providers, legal advisors, etc

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