Happy Holidays

happy hilidays from digishares
Digishares Wishes you Happy Holidays

We are nearing the end of the year, we at DigiShares are evaluating the year and making plans for the next. In spite of the Covid-19 epidemic, 2020 was a very good year from DigiShares from a business perspective, as the epidemic pushed digitization and adoption of digital processes in capital markets and the real estate industry. The combination of this push for digitization with overall regulatory improvements around the world led to a massively increased interest in DigiShares' tokenization solution for real assets.

Highlights Since Last Newsletter
We are currently closing an investment round which will allow us to increase our marketing and development efforts in 2021. We expect the round to close before New Year.

We have been accepted for the F10 accelerator program in Zürich. Approximately the 5% best of the 200 applicants were accepted for the program. In our view, the F10 program is one of the best, if not the best accelerator program for later stage blockchain companies, aptly named "Venture to Unicorn".

We signed up a new client that is yet to be announced. We hope to be able to describe this project in more detail in the new year.

Panel Discussion at Digital Assets Investment Conference
On December 9, our CEO participated in a panel discussion at the Digital Assets Investment Conference. The topic was success factors for tokenization projects, a topic that is in fact a bit misguided, since success factors for a tokenization project are exactly the same as they are for any other private placement or public offering: i.e., high positive rate of return, low risk, trustworthy management team, etc. Just being a tokenization project doesn't magically create a new set of success factors to evaluate, but rather adds some extra benefits for the issuer and investors, such as digitization, automation, fractionalization, and liquidity.
In addition to our CEO, also Kristian T. Sørensen from Norfico and The Tokenizer, Roel Wolfert from Cryptodelta, and Viktor Viktorov from REINNO participated.
Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=y6gfr772CaE&feature=youtu.be

General Thoughts
Whereas 2018 – 2020 was about developing and marketing "tokenization" as a new concept and educating the market to understand it, we believe that 2021 and the coming years will be about hiding away "tokenization" and demoting it from a primary differentiator into a critical infrastructure architecture. Up until now "tokenization" has been used by DigiShares and the security token industry to promote a new and digital way of transacting with securities, but going forward this isn't really interesting anymore. It's well understood (or at least somewhat understood) how it can bring value and we have seen a number of completed projects.

Now we can move to the next stage where we are not focused on the underlying technology but rather on the benefit it brings and how to get adoption from the mass market. The mass market is not concerned with blockchain, crypto or indeed tokenization (rather the opposite). They like fast, inexpensive transactions and they like liquidity, but they couldn't care less which underlying technology is used to achieve it. So, we predict that the industry as a whole – and DigiShares in particular – will start to make the blockchain element less visible in our marketing efforts and our technology platforms. Rather we will focus our marketing on tangible benefits and we will develop our platform such that no knowledge or understanding of crypto and blockchain will be required to operate it.

Tokenizing Christmas
We believe that our blog article from last year, "Tokenizing Christmas", bears publishing again. With the Covid-enforced travel restrictions and the increased focus on the negative environmental effects from traveling, it is even more relevant in 2020, read more here: https://digishares.io/santa