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Interviews & Podcasts Featuring DigiShares

Sarahs Interview with Claus Skaaning CEO of
A quick question and answer session about Digishare’s white label marketplace that we will be using for Tokenize it!


Stobox Interview Claus Skaaning — DigiShares CEO
Stobox fintech interview with Claus Skaaning — an expert of tokenized securities and CEO of DigiShares.

BLOCKROCKET – European Blockchain Labs
Building Bridges Between Finance & Blockchain with Claus Skaaning, CEO of DigiShares.

#CVApodcast with Claus Skaaning from DigiShares

PODCAST: Real Estate Tokenization with DigiShares
This podcast was conducted by Real Estate Radio interviewing Gabriel Sadoun, Head of US Development at Digishares. Digishares is a teck stack provider specializing in real estate tokenization achieved through the use of blockchain & smart contracts. In this interview Gabriel goes over the role of real estate tokenization in bringing liquidity into an illiquid sector. The real estate sector as a whole is known to be an illiquid asset class where investors are often “stuck” with their investments for many years, real estate tokenization is looking at changing that through the use of blockchain and smart contracts where investors can trade their securities through exchanges. We also discuss his thoughts on the future of tokenization and DeFi finance as a whole.