DigiShares Reg D/S Offering

Investment Highlights


Blockchain technology has the potential to bring automation, liquidity and democratization to the real estate market (approx. $275-325T).


There are 100,000s of real estate developers, asset owners, private equity funds and investment portals in the world. They will need a Shopify-like platform to access the blockchain ecosystem.


DigiShares is well positioned to fill that void. Our white-label platform covers token issuance, compliant onboarding of investors, long-term management of a token holder base, an atomic swap bulletin board for internal trading and bridge to external SEC registered exchanges. We are continually adding new functionalities and integrations. Furthermore, we are working on the creation of the first regulated decentralized exchange for real estate security tokens. 


DigiShares differentiates itself from competitors with its:


Our list of over 100 clients includes leading real estate developers (some with over >$1B in assets), investment platforms, regulated Broker-Dealers, law firms, funds etc.


We hope you will consider joining our investment round as we seek to grow our team, enhance our product functionalities, increase our marketing fire power and roll out our decentralized exchange!

Offering Details


  • Target: $5M
  • Minimum: $10K
  • Offering type: Reg D and S (open to US accredited and non-US investors)
  • Currencies accepted: USD and USDC
  • Jurisdiction of entity: Delaware
  • Token issued: ERC-1404 security tokens

* Disclaimer:

– The issuer is considering an offering of securities exempt from registration under the Securities Act but has not determined which specific exemption from registration it intends to rely on.

– No money or other consideration is being solicited, and if any is sent in response, it will not be accepted.

– No offer to buy the securities can be accepted, and no part of the purchase can be received, until the issuer determines which exemption the issuer intends to rely on and, where applicable, the requirements of such exemption are met.

– An indication of interest involves no obligation or commitment of any kind.

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