An Investor Management Platform

Co-developed with a leading Real Estate Sponsor

When MarketSpace Capital and DigiShares founders first met, the Houston-based Real Estate Private Equity firm was searching for an investor management platform that could surpass legacy solutions, giving them a competitive edge as a sponsor and making their business future-proof.


Because there existed no off the shelf product that met these requirements, both companies proceeded to enter into an agreement to co-develop an entirely new investor management platform.


Other real estate firms are now able to white-label the new version of the DigiShares platform, which provides:

“The idea started from a need we saw in the market for an investor managment tool that incorporated elements of blockchain technology. And, because DigiShares is laser focused on making the buying & selling process of shares in real estate more efficient, we saw this as a perfect fit and almost a year later, have created a tool that every sponsor should consider using in order to make managing their investors more efficient”

Sohail Hassan, Managing Partner of MarketSpace Capital, said about the platform

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