DigiShares’ Newsletter 96

News Article: DigiShares Becomes First Grant Recipient of Polymesh’s Ecosystem Development Fund for Integrating Polymesh

DigiShares is excited to announce that we are the first company to receive a grant from the Polymesh Association for integrating Polymesh through Polymesh’s new Ecosystem Development Fund (EDF).

DigiShares will receive a grant from the EDF for integrating Polymesh with DigiShares technology and expanding the Polymesh ecosystem into DigiShares’ network of clients and trusted partners. As part of the integration, DigiShares will longer term support migration of their clients’ existing ERC-1400 assets from Ethereum to Polymesh, demonstrating a leading tokenization platform’s trust in Polymesh as the premier blockchain for regulated assets.

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BaFin Does Not Deem the $BRICK-Token as a Security

DigiShares and RealEstate.Exchange (RE.X) are happy to announce that our $BRICK-token has been vetted by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

On the matter, DigiShares’ CEO Claus Skaaning commented:
“It has immense importance for RE.X that BRICK is now classified as a utility token by BaFin. It means we can move forward with our plans to fundraise and even more important, it means we can use BRICK to facilitate network effects, payments and yield generation within the RE.X ecosystem in a fully compliant manner.”

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Podcast Episode: How KYC Differs Across the Different Jurisdictions with DigiShares

In this 12-minute podcast episode, DigiShares‘ Legal Counsel – Volodymyr Havrylyuk-Yensen – is honored to join the discussion about the differences in customers across different jurisdictions with the host Stefan Loesch, CEO at IDCAP.

R.E.C.A.P (Real Estate and Crypto Assets Podcast) is the production between FIBREE and IDCAP. The collaboration hopes to build knowledge and awareness in the communities regarding the real estate tokenization industry in a format that can fit in listeners’ busy lives.

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CMS Webinar: Tokenization as a Solution

Digitalization is changing the investment market for investors and fund managers. Virtual assets are growing and institutions are becoming increasingly involved across a range of activities from traditional fund investments to assets such as real estate and crypto-assets.

Hosted by CMS Luxembourg, this webinar will cover:
• the trends and opportunities for digital assets;
• the evolving regulation and infrastructure;
• new products and uses; and
• what institutional investors and managers are doing.

Join us on Jun 22, 2022 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM CEST, DigiShares‘ CEO, Claus Skaaning, will be speaking at the event, along with Aurélien HollardIhor OlekhovTina Rebecca Balzli from CMSDaniel Coheur – CCO at Tokeny, and Jonny Fry – CEO at TeamBlockchain Ltd.


DigiShares received honorable mention by a well-known industry expert, Dr. Patrick Byrne, in a very widely shared tweet. A tweet that hopefully predicts a future where DigiShares, tZero, and Ravencoin create a clean transparent stock market with everything the SEC could want, such as elimination of settlement failures, built on the laws of mathematics.

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CuratedX Podcast: Mark Dencker, CEO – RealEstate.Exchange | Web3

Born out of DigiShares — RealEstate.Exchange (RE.X) is a blockchain-born company that aims to make real estate investment available for everyone, everywhere. The company enables you to automate, reduces administrative costs, fractionalizes and increases liquidity through trading.

Listen to Mark, CEO at RealEstate.Exchange, talks about his Web3 journey and the transition he sees from Web2 to Web3. He considers Blockchain as a way to scale and simplify a lot of processes. Real estate is one such industry where there is a lot of potential to be unlocked considering existing long and tedious processes.

DigiShares at Web3 Summit @ MIT

Meet Gabriel Sadoun, DigiShares’ Head of Business Development in the US, at Web3 Summit this June 30. He will be speaking at WEB3 PIONEERS starting from 3:30 pm, among other startups which are pioneering the next wave of innovation in the space.

An exclusive, breakthrough event featuring the most innovative minds building the next generation of the Internet. The event will take place on 30th June 2022 on the top floor of the MIT Media Lab. Imagination in Action is based on the principal that innovation starts with a spark of inspiration. This Web3 Summit combines the best of cutting-edge ideation with real-world implementation. The Web3 Summit will feature leading engineers & entrepreneurs making a global impact & designing the future of the internet. Topics include: NFTs, Decentralized Finance, DAOs, Metaverse, protocols and more.

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Event: Blueprint 2022

DigiShares is excited to be an official partner for Blueprint 2022, where the most impactful decision makers across the entire real estate and tech communities are going to convene, LIVE, September 12-14, 2022 at The MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

With over 50 sessions, some of the key topics being addressed are:
– The rise in single family rental, and other single family models
– The rise in single family rental, and other single family models
– The hybrid office, and the technology driving it
– Subtle (and not-so-subtle) shifts in multifamily management
– The collision of FinTech and PropTech
– The explosion in PropTech focused VC funds
– The best ways for enterprise firms to evaluate and adopt tech
– The new talent models for CVC
– The tech enabled future suburb
– Where the next billion-dollar ideas in proptech can be found

We are looking forward to being there!


In collaboration with Blueprint 2022, DigiShares is hosting one of our Masterclasses in Las Vegas this September 12.

Date and Time:
Monday, September 12, 2022 | 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM PDT

Speakers include:
Claus Skaaning , CEO, DigiShares
Gabriel Sadoun, Head of Business Development in the US, DigiShares
Joshua Emison, Co-Founder and CEO, Sansbank

More details can be found here