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Real estate tokenization reports
Real estate tokenization reports
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The reports have been prepared by a research group in collaboration with DigiShares
Real Estate Tokenization An Industry Report – Latest Release for 2022

An industry report outlining the state of the global real estate tokenization industry. The report provides in-depth analyses of key markets for real estate, a regulatory overview, essential market players, and the manifold opportunities presented by the emerging technology of tokenization.

Real Estate Tokenization ROI Report
An industry report outlining returns of tokenized properties in comparison to traditional real estate investment trusts. This report shows that tokenization has comparable returns to traditional investments. In this report, you can find ROI data of REITs and tokenized real estate.
Real Estate Tokenization Cost Report
Comprehensive overview of real estate tokenization costs. In this report, you can find a comparative analysis of tokenization costs with costs of going public through IPO. This report explains the tokenization process and the costs associated with it. Ignoring the offering size, tokenization is a more cost-effective way of raising liquidity.

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Real Estate Tokenization An Industry Report
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