STO FAQ - get answers to your most important questions about security token offerings and tokenization here

What will the token price be?
The price of the DIGI token will be 9.50 euro per token

What are the maximum number of circulating tokens?
A maximum of 106,300 tokens will be sold and issued in this round. A total of 912.442 tokens exist right now, all representing equity in DigiShares

What standard will DIGI be using?
The DIGI token is a security token based on the R-token protocol

What is the asset class of DIGI?
DIGI is an equity token

Where can the offering memorandum be found?
Please register on to view it

What types of investors are eligible to participate in the STO? (this question needs to be rewritten)
Retail and experienced investors in Europe, accredited investors in the US. For any other country please contact us

Do investors need to be accredited?
Only for the US, not for Europe

What authority regulates the STO?
The STO is regulated by the European Union and Denmark

What is the minimum investment amount?
The minimum investment amount is 285 EUR or 320 USD for a public offering.

What is the soft cap of the offering?
The soft cap is 190 000 EUR

What is the hard cap for the offering?
The hard cap is 950 000 EUR

Is there a buy-back and profit-sharing option?
There is no buy-back option but profit-sharing is through dividends