Leading Tokenization Firm DigiShares Introduces Three New Solutions

DigiShares, a global provider of infrastructure for tokenization of real-world assets, has recently introduced three new configurations of its market leading platform, to cater for three different market segments. This enables DigiShares to support the main three tokenization use cases, crypto-settled, fiat-settled, and internally settled. Each configuration is optimized for full automation and ease of use.

The first configuration supports full crypto payment workflows and internal settlement in a crypto balance. To avoid currency exchange-rate risk, DigiShares recommends to use trusted stablecoins for payment and settlement, such as USDC and EUROC (when available). This configuration assumes that issuers and users have their own wallets (such as Metamask) to facilitate transactions such as whitelisting of wallets, purchase of security tokens, and trading with security tokens. Trading works with a peer-to-peer smart contract-based atomic swap with no counterparty risk.

The second configuration is for use cases where the majority of investors are not familiar with crypto or prefer not to use crypto. For this use case, we support a fully fiat-based configuration where investors can pay in fiat (USD, EUR, etc.) from their normal bank accounts via wire, ACH, and credit card. Security tokens will be kept internally in the platform so there is no requirement for users to have a wallet.

The third configuration is for more regulated or institutional use cases where the issuer wants to provide investors with an internal wallet with crypto funds available to invest at any time. This configuration allows investors to top up their internal balance with stablecoins (USDC, EUROC, etc.) and to use these funds to invest in the listed projects. The system will maintain investors’ wallet balance internally. Since most issuers are not licensed to safekeep investor funds, this configuration typically requires custody integration.

DigiShares is blockchain agnostic and supports both Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Ravencoin, and soon Polymesh. Other chains will be supported later in 2023. We provide a user-friendly token studio that supports minting security tokens with common parameters for all these chains. For EVM-compatible chains we provide our own heavily tested and audited implementation of ERC-1404.

Claus Skaaning, CEO at DigiShares, says, “As the crypto industry matures, we see the crypto configuration as the most interesting. Longer term we expect the trend go towards self-custody, either in Metamask, or in similar wallets associated with exchanges, such as Coinbase or Binance Wallets, or more institutional wallets, such as Fireblocks Wallet. In any case, we are prepared to meet most requirements with the above three configurations”.

About DigiShares

DigiShares is one of the leading providers of white-label tokenization platforms for real world assets, combining financing, corporate management, and trading in an end-to-end solution. Our solutions enable asset owners and fund managers to digitize and automate processes, to reduce administrative cost, to reduce the ticket size to fractionalize and democratize and enable retail investors to participate, and finally to provide a huge increase in liquidity through the built-in marketplace that enables shareholders to trade their assets.

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