Real Estate Tokenization in Practice webinar

Tokenization of
Real Estate Assets
Masterclass | A side Event of Blockchain Expo North America @ San Jose ClubHouse
Oct 4, 2022 | Tuesday
03.00 - 06.00 PM PT
Meet Our Speakers
More to be Announced.
Claus Skaaning
Co-Founder & CEO, DigiShares
Gabriel Sadoun
Head of US Business Development of DigiShares
Real Estate Tokenization is the concept of representing Real Estate Assets with Tokens on the Blockchain, in order to much more easily Fund Raise, Manage, and Trade the Assets.

Efficiency – Time & Cost (x10 reduction):

- Digitization and automation of processes

- Automated compliance and governance

- Removal of human errors

At this masterclass event, Claus Skaaning(Ph.D) will explain how tokenization is applied in the $3.7 trillion real estate market and Mr. Gabriel Sadoun will show use cases of existing US customers.

DigiShares is a sponsor of the Blockchain Expo North America, a technological conference with 5,000+ attendees that will take place on 11-12 May 2022 in Santa Clara, CA, USA.