Webinar: Decentralized trading of tokenized assets

Decentralized Trading of
Tokenized Assets
Past Webinar

All times in CET (Central European Time)

03.00 pm - Welcome & Introduction
Lodahl Jonas, Business Developer, DigiShares

03.05 pm - Tokenization Industry Status Update and DigiShares Traction
Claus Skaaning, CEO, DigiShares

3.15 pm - Building on Balancer: A Decentralized Trading Use Case
Jeffrey Bennett, Balancer Labs

3.30 pm: Decentralized Exchange for Real Estate Assets
Mark Dencker, CEO, RealEstate.Exchange

3.45 pm: IX Swap's Perspective on Decentralized Trading

Julian Kwan, Co-Founder, IX Swap

4.00 pm: Swarm Market and Decentralized Trading of Tokenized Assets
Philipp Pieper, Co-Founder, Swarm Market

4.15 pm: Fireblocks: Decentralized Trading of Tokenized Asset
Niklas Reichert, Sales Director, Fireblocks

4.30 pm: Realio's Perspective on Decentralized Trading
Derek Boirun, CEO, Realio.fund

4.45 pm: Fireside Chat & AMA

August 17, 2022
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