Fintech Disruption Summit

Blockchain in the Financial Industry

About the Summit

The World Economic Forum predicts that 10% of the global GDP (approx. $7.8 trillion) will be stored on the blockchain in less than 10 years.

The summit is targeted towards bankers, accountants, lawyers, stock brokers, investment fund managers, custodians, and other people from the financial industry. The purpose of the summit is to inform and inspire delegates about new opportunities with blockchain technology in the financial industry and in particular with tokenization of securities and assets.

Using blockchain technology, companies can now issue security tokens with share- or bond-like properties in order to raise funding (through an STO – a Security Token Offering) as an alternative to an IPO. Large established companies can raise additional funding through the same means, or tokenize their existing shares. As existing securities and assets become tokenized, issuers and investors benefit from easier price discovery, increased liquidity, extended trading hours, automation of processes, reduced settlement times, etc. In the near future, real estate and other investment portfolios will be tokenized for the same reasons. Collections of art, automobiles, boats, etc. can be tokenized in order to fragment ownership and other rights.

This financial revolution has already begun and the existing financial ecosystem will move towards the blockchain over the next 10 years.

Make sure you are at the forefront of this financial revolution, join the Fintech Disruption Summit!

Virtual Conference

SingularityU Nordic, Titangade 11, Copenhagen

February 28th. 2019

Conference Program & Videos

Blockchain in the Financial Industry
Track 1
Part 1: Blockchain, Banking & Finance
Head of DNB Blockchain & DLT strategy – IT


About Lasse
Lasse has worked in the finance and securities market since 1986. Based on IT and finance, he worked for 4 years in PWC before starting Tazett, the market leader portfolio management system in Norway for financial investors, banks and fund
management companies. Tazett had a good foothold in Sweden, Finland and UK. He sold Tazett in 2000 and started FinanceCube in 2002, a cloud-based service for financial advisors and private banking, the first in Europe, with customers in 6 countries. Lasse authored the bestseller “Investment Guide” published on Hegnar Media in 2004. FinanceCube was sold in 2012, and since 2013, Lasse has been working in banks, within IT strategy, digital banking, Blockchain and Fintech companies as the area of work. 3 years in Nordea and now in DNB.L asse has written a new bestseller “Money from caveman to robot” published by Hegnar Media in March 2017, and “Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, ICO and Blockchain” March 2018.

Topic: Leveraging Blockchain & Distributed Ledger technology: Pilot projects at DNB Bank.

Innovation and Digitalization at Handelsbanken


About Johan
Johan has been following the blockchain space closely since its early days. Today he works with digitalization and innovation within the Handelsbanken Group, currently focusing on new opportunities within emerging technologies and strategic partnerships.

Topic: The role of blockchain in traditional banking.
Johan will discuss the implications of and the opportunities created by introducing emerging technologies, such as blockchain, into a conservative banking environment.

Founder and CEO, CENTI Group and Tech Shanghai Advocates

About John
John is the founder of CENTI Group (China-Europe Networks of technology and Innovation), which is a cross-border platform connecting European technology startups and SMEs with the Chinese market. CENTI Group work with investors, governments and tech enthusiasts around the world to help companies with their fundraising, market expansion, property
management (innovation spaces, incubators). CENTI Group has created one of the largest ecosystem/networks between Europe and China that is now facilitating the transfer of technology, ideas, and talent between the continents.

Topic: Key blockchain trends in Finance and Fintech, China. John will talk about current blockchain trends and opportunities in finance and fintech in China. The talk will focus on regulations and real use-cases about how to get started investing in China.

Panel 1: Blockchain in Banking, Opportunities, Threats & Regulations

Participants: Lasse Meholm, Johan Lorenzen, David Grundy, john Zai

Panel moderator: Jeanette Carlsson

Track 1

Part 2: Investing & Regulations

Jeppe R. Stokholm
Lawyer and Venture Capitalist, Partner at AmaZix, Head of Legal & Corporate Finance


Topic: IPO vs ICO vs STO: Crowdfunding events and international financial legislation.

In this session, Dr. Jeppe R. Stokholm will highlight the legal differences between fiat, coins and tokens and answer the following questions:
1) What is the difference between an Initial Public Offering (IPO) and an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and a Security Token Offering (STO)?
2) What are the legal cross-border implications?
3) What is the industry “best practice” during international crowdfunding events?

Topic: IPO vs ICO vs STO: Crowdfunding events and international financial legislation.

About Jeppe
Dr. Jeppe R. Stokholm is a Danish lawyer and venture capitalist based in Zürich, Switzerland, with a Ph.D. in international corporate affairs. He is specialised in the legal impact of the blockchain economy and also a respected crypto market commentator. Dr. Jeppe R. Stokholm has conducted his Ph.D. research at Duke University (USA), Tilburg University (the Netherlands) and SDU (Denmark).

Partner at Bird & Bird. International legal specialist in blockchain.


About Martin
Martin is a partner at Bird & Bird law firm, where he works with IT and new technology from both a legal and commercial perspective. For over 20 years Martin has co-founded several IT startups. He serve on a number of boards of eCommerce, IT and web companies, where his vast knowledge about business, technology and legal matters help guide companies to success. Martin also spend a considerable portion of his time advising on legal and commercial issues related to open licensing within open source, creative commons (open content), open data, open APIs and more.In Denmark, Martin is considered a pioneer within the Internet and web industry as he introduced the concept of Internet law in Denmark back in 1994.

Topic: Tokenization of assets, a perspective.

Managing Partner at NÄGELE Attorneys at Law in Vaduz, Liechtenstein


Topic: The Liechtenstein “Trusted Technologies Law”: Bringing Legal Certainty to a Blockchain Based Token Economy

Thomas will be presenting on Liechtenstein’s blockchain law, providing an in-depth description of why a determined law is necessary and how Liechtenstein’s legislation is different from the rest. The discussion will highlight the importance of an all-encompassing legal definition of a token, the coinage of the “Token Container Model,” and the importance of the “Physical Validator” in bringing this law to life.

Topic: The Liechtenstein “Trusted Technologies Law”: Bringing Legal Certainty to a Blockchain Based Token Economy

About Thomas
In 2018 Legal 500 EMEA ranked NÄGELE Attorneys at Law LLC Tier 3 of Banking and Finance in Liechtenstein. Besides being an Attorney and Legal Advisor, he teaches at the University of Liechtenstein, give Seminars at the University of St. Gallen (HSG) and Uni Lausanne and gives lectures and presentations on the newest legal developments regarding IT-Law, Data Protection and Distributed-LedgerTechnology. In his role as President and Founder of the CRYPTO COUNTRY ASSOCIATION (CCA), Liechtenstein, he supports, organizes and promotes local meetings. He also attends and is a speaker on world-wide events such as the 55th International Young Lawyers’ Congress in Tokyo, the World Blockchain Forum in London as well as the Token Summit in New York.

Chief Executive Officer at Blocktrade.com, quantitative fund manager of FT Quant, author of several books and academic research papers, public speaker and stoic.

  Topic: Blocktrade’s perspective on securities trading. Tokenization of financial instruments is a natural evolution of capital markets. Operational improvements when using blockchain technology can be seen on both the primary markets (fundraising and issuance) and the secondary market (post-trade processes). Luka will present his view of how will the future of capital markets based on distributed ledgers look like, and how Blocktrade with its partners plans to achieve its mission of tokenizing 100.000 European SME companies and offering liquidity on the secondary market.

Topic: Blocktrade’s perspective on securities trading.

About Luka
Luka Gubo is the Chief Executive Officer at Blocktrade.com, quantitative fund manager of FT Quant, author of several books and academic research papers, public speaker and stoic.
He has wide-ranging experience in trading, investing and risk management. As a high-frequency macro event-driven trader he has helped a small private fund achieve a Sharpe Ratio higher than 4. He has deep knowledge of the market microstructure while also having a great understanding of global macroeconomic trends and cycles. His role as the CEO of Blocktrade is to help create the whole security token ecosystem with its partners by developing a fully regulated trading venue.

Panel 2: Blockchain-based Bonds, Securities and Assets: Investing & Regulations

Participants: Martin von Haller, Thomas Nägele, Luka Gubo, Jeppe Stockholm

Panel moderator: Jeanette Carlsson

Panel 3: Blockchain Business Use-Cases & Venture Funding

Participants: Rasmus Mølbjerg, Christian Lassen, Mads Stolberg-Larsen, Erik Balck Sørensen.

Panel moderator: Jeanette Carlsson

Track 2

Deep dive into tokenization
  Topic: Dai: Stable Blockchain Currency for Frictionless Global Transactions Get introduced to the world of decentralized finance and the next generation of financial services. Nascence of blockchain technology came together with Bitcoin over 10 years ago. Bitcoin has played a pivotal role in the early days of cryptocurrencies, yet, due to its volatility, it has transitioned from its original vision of digital cash into being considered a speculative asset. Fast forward a couple of years later, a new idea evolves–stablecoin, a cryptocurrency that is designed to minimize volatility, its value pegged to a currency. The applications of Dai stablecoin are many. Understand the most common use cases of the stablecoin for different stakeholders, learn about the existing projects benefiting from Dai, and get inspired for your venture.

Topic: Dai: Stable Blockchain Currency for Frictionless Global Transactions

About Lasse
Lasse Birk Olesen, a blockchain entrepreneur since 2011, currently as Head of Innovations at MakerDAO, will introduce you into the wonders of Dai, the first decentralized stablecoin issued on the Ethereum blockchain. Learn about the Dai Credit System and its elements, including Dai stablecoin and trustless collateralized debt positions.

Topic: Regulation of Cryptoassets in Denmark

Founder & CEO at DigiShares


Topic: Company shares and equity crowdfunding on the blockchain in Denmark

Claus will speak about how and why companies can issue shares in the form of equity tokens for crowdfunding and trading optimization purposes. The talk will be a mix of practical and technical aspects of tokenization. Further, Claus will briefly demonstrate the DigiShares platform for transferring company shares to the blockchain, and describe GoSecurity’s own STO (Security Token Offering).

Topic: Company shares and equity crowdfunding on the blockchain in Denmark

About Claus
PhD in computer science. Has worked as a researcher and technical lead for Hewlett-Packard, before founding his first company, Dezide, a software company with focus on Artificial Intelligence for diagnostics and troubleshooting. After heading Dezide as CEO for 12 years, Claus left and started new companies, including Sales on Tap, a sales and exports consultancy company, while also taking part in many other ventures. Claus has extensive experience with developing and managing incubators, being employed in the Aalborg University Innovation incubator, an incubator that accepts and helps around 80-100 startup companies every year.

Blockchain Business Developer, member of EU Blockchain Observatory.


Topic: The EU system, its blockchain priorities now and going forward, and its impact on financial services.

In his talk Bo will discuss how blockchain is perceived and discussed by the EU system i.e the Commission, Parliament and institutions.

Topic: The EU system, its blockchain priorities now and going forward, and its impact on financial services.

About Bo Bo is appointed member of the core working group at EU’s Blockchain Observatory focusing on use cases and transition towards a new economy. In this capacity he has insights in how blockchain is perceived and discussed by the EU system (i.e the Commission, Parliament and institutions). The blockchain observatory also serves as council to EU and plays an active role in prioritization, standardisation and education. Besides the above Bo assists Concordium – the new upcoming blockchain platform – with its business development. Bo is also appointed member of Dansk Industri Fintech Panel and is a +30 year IT industry veteran.

Director at Infloat and writer of the acclaimed securitytoken.it newsletter

Masterclass: The fundamentals of security tokens & security token design

How should we design security tokens? In this presentation, Jochem Gerritsen will talk about how Infloat has designed security tokens for their clients, and the different facets of token design we should consider. From crypto dividend payments to token holder voting — how should a security token be similar or different from a traditional security — and how do we ensure that we find the right way between technical possibilities and legal considerations?

Masterclass: The fundamentals of security tokens & security token design

ICO expert, Fintech, Investments, blockchain assets, digital payments

Topic: Assets on the blockchain Morten will be speaking about the tokenization of assets like bonds, stocks and commodities have the potential of completely changing the way we trade assets as well as the cost of trading assets in the near future.
Topic: Assets on the blockchain

About Morten
Morten Nielsen has years of experience in finance, fundraising and the cryptocurrency space. With experience from JP Morgan in London and Tokyo for five years as well as a position at UBS as global head of hedge fund derivative marketing, he gained a great insight to the world of finance.

Since then he has also gained great knowledge of ICO’s and the regulations surrounding them and has today positioned himself as an expert in the field. The digitalization of financial assets is a great passion of Morten’s, and his vision for a globalized digital system play a significant role in the success of ARYZE.

Tokenized real estate portfolio expert from Leaseum Partners

Topic: Real estate on the blockchain – a tokenized real estate portfolio.

Julianne will present on the emerging field of Real Estate tokenization. She will discuss the current state of the ecosystem and the main benefits Real Estate tokenization can bring to investment management. She will also discuss the major challenges facing this new technology.

Topic: Real estate on the blockchain – a tokenized real estate portfolio.

About Julianne
Julienne is a blockchain evangelist specializing in security tokens & blockchain for social impact.
Leaseum Partners is tokenizing a $250M portfolio of New York City Commercial Real Estate. Through tokenization, Leaseum Partners enables both institutional investors and accredited investors access to a liquid portfolio of professionally managed Real Estate.

Business Development Director, Oracle

Topic: Practical implementation of projects from the banking industry

Oracle has developed a blockchain service that significantly can speed up any practical development project, and with the elastic nature of the environment the project risk in terms of costs are minimal. Peter will present some practical implementation projects from the banking industry during his presentation.

Topic: Practical implementation of projects from the banking industry

About Peter
Peter Scharstein has many years of experience from implementing new technologies in Oracle’s global customers. Peter has worked with several large financial companies such as Nordea, Deutsche Bank, Sberbank and others on how to implement advanced new technologies and optimize their business. As a natural continuation on his expertise Peter has been looking into Blockchain and what the use cases in the FS industry.

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