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Issue #68, July 12th 2021
Hydra Chain Technologies and DigiShares partner to tokenize Real Estate on the Ravencoin Blockchain.

Hydra Chain Technologies, a Wisconsin-based real estate developer, announced today it has partnered with DigiShares, a provider of end-to-end white-label solutions to tokenize residential properties in Wisconsin.

Through this partnership, Hydra Chain Technologies plans to tokenize single family houses in Wisconsin, USA, which would allow the company to provide liquidity and fractionalized ownership to real estate investors around the world. The collaboration also opens up many opportunities for future tokenization projects that will move beyond real estate. Additionally, the partnership is a step forwards further expanding DigiShares' service offering to support Ravencoin.

Read the full article here.
How does it work?

To understand how DigiShares' white label real estate platform will be implemented at RavenCoinTokens.com, check out this interview between our CEO Claus Skaaning and Sarah Jenkins from Hydra Chain Technologies.

In this video, Claus explains:
1:50 : How the process will look like for a customer.
3:56 : How somebody pays for tokens.
5:20 : How custody works and how one knows that their tokens are safe.
7:40 : How dividends work in the DigiShares system.
Sarah's Interview with Claus Skaaning - CEO of DigiShares.io
DigiShares Monthly Community Calls: A Value Proposition for Tokenized Real Estate

Last week, our last guest speaker - Sohail Hassan, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at MarketSpace Capital - has confirmed his attendance to the Webinar, which means the official program of the webinar is in!

Take a look at the topics we are going to cover here. If you have any questions for our speakers, feel free to drop a line while registering for the webinar.
webinar tokenized real estate
Polymath Tokenization Perspective, Strategy and Visions for the Future - Thomas Borrel

Thomas Borrel is Chief Product Officer at Polymath where he leads the Product Strategy, Product Management and Product Marketing teams across Polymath's product portfolio.

The Digital Securities & Tokenization Summit is an annual summit that focuses on the implementation of blockchain and tokenization within the traditional finance industry.
Keynote Polymath tokenization perspective, strategy and visions for the future Thomas Borrel
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