The FuturEstate Alliance and DigiShares Partner to Revolutionize Real Estate Tokenization

The FuturEstate Alliance specializes in real estate tokenization and believes in its potential to facilitate the needed flexibility in asset arrangements, and provide for an inclusive, eco-sustainable real estate market development and revolutionize the real estate investment market. Through the platform built by the FuturEstate Alliance and the package of comprehensive business, technical, marketing, legal, regulatory and compliance services offered by the Alliance, developers, estate agents, and real estate owners can tokenize their properties and offer the created tokens to the public, and investors have the opportunity to invest in real estate represented by digital tokens, easily, quickly with security and transparency. The FuturEstate Alliance will be using DigiShares’ white label technology to tokenize real estate assets.

The FuturEstate Alliance as a real estate tokenization platform aims to offer inclusive, eco-sustainable real estate market development. The Alliance will provide developers, estate agents, real estate owners and organizations with a package of comprehensive business, technical, marketing, legal, regulatory, and compliance services to tokenize their real estate assets. Investors will be able to invest in real estate represented by digital tokens with security and transparency. To tokenize real estate assets, the FuturEstate Alliance will be using DigiShares’ white label technology. The first project of the FuturEstate Alliance is yet to be announced.

Claus Skaaning, Co-Founder and CEO of DigiShares, stated about the partnership: “We are very excited about collaborating with FuturEstate Alliance on inclusive eco-sustainable development projects which is very much aligned with the values of DigiShares. We are happy that they see our white label tokenization platform as a good fit for their requirements.”

Alexis Nicolaou, Partner in Distributed Ledger Technologies at Grant Thornton Cyprus, member of the FuturEstate Alliance, said: “We view DigiShares as one of the leading players in the fast-growing tokenization industry and look forward to collaborating. We see great value in the tokenization of real estate assets as a vehicle for enabling liquidity and creating equal opportunity access for investors.”

About The FuturEstate Alliance

The FuturEstate Alliance is a strategic partnership between three companies, offering new, innovative investment solutions in real estate. The participating members of The FuturEstate Alliance are Grant Thornton Cyprus, Christiana Aristidou and Zoltar.agency. A group of experts in real estate, distributed ledger technology (Blockchain), law & regulation, and web 3.0 created the FuturEstate Alliance, bringing stakeholders even closer to real estate tokenization, the most modern form of investment in real estate worldwide.

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Members of The FuturEstate Alliance

Grant Thornton Cyprus | Christiana Aristidou LLC | Zoltar.agency

About DigiShares

DigiShares is one of the leading providers of white-label tokenization platforms for real world assets, combining financing, corporate management, and trading in an end-to-end solution. Our solutions enable asset owners and fund managers to digitize and automate processes, to reduce administrative cost, to reduce the ticket size to fractionalize and democratize and enable retail investors to participate, and finally to provide a huge increase in liquidity through the built-in marketplace that enables shareholders to trade their assets.

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