DigiShares and Future Safe Partner to Transform Global Asset Tokenization

October 18, 2023

DigiShares, a leading tokenization platform, is partnering with Future Safe Group, a diversified financial firm with a global presence, to innovate the field of asset tokenization. Future Safe Group, headquartered in India with branches in Cambodia and the U.S., excels in tailored financial solutions for global trade and project funding.

Utilizing DigiShares’ robust white-label platform, Future Safe aims to tokenize a wide range of assets, including but not limited to real estate, NFTs, and equity. The company has already received asset tokenization contracts valued up to $10 billion.

Key Collaborative Projects:

  • A $10 million railway corridor project in Mongolia for goods transit.
  • Autonomous public transport in India is estimated
  •  between $15-$50 million.
  • Eco-friendly housing and renewable energy initiatives in Africa valued at $5-6 billion.
  • Ethanol extraction for aviation fuel, approximated at $1 billion.
  • Financing sports franchises both locally and internationally.
  • Stressed asset reconstruction and real estate ventures globally valued at a minimum of $1 billion.

Claus Skaaning, CEO of DigiShares, stated, “Our partnership with Future Safe signifies a crucial milestone in the world of asset tokenization. Their ambitious portfolio aligns seamlessly with our capabilities, promising transformative impact.”

Seshan Krishnamurthy, CEO of Future Safe, added, “We regard DigiShares as a vanguard in the tokenization sector. Their platform enables us to realize the untapped potential of tokenized assets, offering liquidity and democratized access for investors.”

About Future Safe Group

Under seasoned leadership with decades of banking and financial expertise, Future Safe sets an ambitious $20 billion tokenization target for 2023-24. The company leverages strategic industry partnerships and a skilled team of blockchain specialists to pursue unparalleled growth, guided by DigiShares’ white-label technology.

About DigiShares

DigiShares is one of the leading providers of white-label tokenization platforms for real world assets (RWA) combining financing, corporate management, and trading in an end-to-end solution. Our solutions enable asset owners and fund managers to digitize and automate processes, to reduce administrative cost, to reduce the ticket size to fractionalize and democratize and enable retail investors to participate, and finally to provide a huge increase in liquidity through the built-in marketplace that enables shareholders to trade their assets.

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