DigiShares’ Newsletter 93


MIAMI, MAY 9 – 12 | VIENNA, MAY 31

Claus Skaaning, DigiShares’ CEO will be in Miami (USA) from May 9 to 12, and in Vienna (Austria) on May 31 to meet with investors and clients. If you are interested in meeting us, please reach out to [email protected].

May 18: Tokenization & NFTs Webinar

Attend this webinar to learn more about Tokenization and NFTs, how it can be done, what value it brings, which barriers and risk factors we see, and who the main providers are. Check out the program for the webinar here.

After the webinar, you will understand:
– How are NFTs relevant in relation to Tokenization of Real Estate.
– What are the best practices to achieve the maximum value.
– How to stay compliant with regulations.

Speakers include:
Vivian Fang, Honeywell Professor of Accounting, University of Minnesota
Elizabeth Strickler, Director, Media Entrepreneurship & Innovation Programs | Senior Lecturer, Georgia State University
Natalia Karayaneva, CEO, Propy Inc.
Jake Menard, CFO, RenewaBlox
Kylie L. Blasen, CCO, StokeNFT


Miami, May 12: Tokenization of Real Estate Assets

Join us in person in Miami this Thursday at Rooster Overtown to learn more about Tokenization, network with other guests, enjoy the drinks while talking about your next big project.

Here are the basics of the evening:

6:00 PM: Cocktail Hour
6:20 PM: Welcome and Introduction by Andrew Quarrie
6:30 PM: Claus Skaaning, CEO at DigiShares
7:00 PM: Case Study: DigiShares in the US | Gabriel Sadoun
7:15 PM: Herwig Konings, STA Representative
7:30 PM: Additional Speakers
8:00 PM: Panel Discussion by Andrew Quarrie
8:30 PM: Q&A and Networking Session.
The number of seats are limited so make sure to reserve yours today.

And for European based audiences, we are bringing our Masterclass to Vienna this May 31.Check out the details here.


Event: Blueprint 2022

DigiShares is excited to be an official partner for Blueprint 2022, where the most impactful decision makers across the entire real estate and tech communities are going to convene, LIVE, September 12-14, 2022 at The MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

With over 50 sessions, some of the key topics being addressed are:
– The rise in single family rental, and other single family models
– The rise in single family rental, and other single family models
– The hybrid office, and the technology driving it
– Subtle (and not-so-subtle) shifts in multifamily management
– The collision of FinTech and PropTech
– The explosion in PropTech focused VC funds
– The best ways for enterprise firms to evaluate and adopt tech
– The new talent models for CVC
– The tech enabled future suburb
– Where the next billion-dollar ideas in proptech can be found

We are looking forward to being there!


In collaboration with Blueprint 2022, DigiShares is hosting one of our Masterclasses in Las Vegas this September 12.

Date and Time:
Monday, September 12, 2022 | 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM PDT

Speakers include:

Claus Skaaning , CEO, DigiShares
Gabriel Sadoun, Head of Business Development in the US, DigiShares
Joshua Emison, Co-Founder and CEO, Sansbank

More details can be found here.

FIBREE: Real Estate and DeFi Tokenization Workshop

FIBREE’s Real Estate Tokenization Working Group will present an educational virtual workshop on revolutionizing Real Estate Tokenization and its impact on the Global Real Estate and DeFi Industry.

Attend the event to learn from global blockchain and real estate experts. Listen to 4 new tokenization startups’ pitches and their plans to revolutionize the world of real estate investing.

When: May 19, 2022 | 4 PM CET / 10 AM EST
Where: Online

Main topics: Blockchain Fundamentals | Tokenization Fundamentals | Startup Pitches.


Article: Why Ravencoin?

“Ravencoin makes tokenization of everything from art to real estate, easy, legal, and transferable.RVN’s human-readable asset names provide branding, provenance & value. Best of all NO Smart Contracts are required.The design is such that all the requirements to tokenize the Stock Market are built into the core protocol.Making it simple for you to tokenize just about anything you can imagine.”

And there are more reasons to it – read the full article to find out why(s).

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