DigiShares Announces White-Label Multi-Project Platform for Security Tokens

European digital assets technology provider DigiShares has announced the release of their new white-label multi-project platform. The platform is a major upgrade from the previous more limited single-project platform. The new platform can handle the issuance, purchase and ongoing token holder management processes for multiple projects as once, and can also be configured for single-project situations.

Security Token Offerings (STOs) are essentially a blockchain-powered capital raise where tokens representing securities are issued to investors. The STO exploits the power of the blockchain to enable fast and efficient purchasing and trading, access to a global infrastructure with investors, custodians, and exchanges, and increased security and transparency on securities processing. The STO market is growing extremely fast with massive inflow of VC capital, massive interest from incumbents, and with an expected CAGR of 59%.

DigiShares is a provider of white-label technology for the STO market, for companies wanting to conduct their own STO, and for companies that want to offer STO services to their own clients. Using the new multi-STO platform, companies can create investment portals under their own brand, for specific application areas, such as startup financing, real estate projects, renewables projects, etc.

The DigiShares platform offers functions for investor verification and approval (through KYC and AML), token purchase and settlement, e-signatures, always 100% updated token holder “cap tables”, voting, distribution of dividends, company news distribution, freezing and renewal of lost tokens, etc. The DigiShares platform is blockchain agnostic and works out of the box with Ethereum- and Stellar-based digital asset protocols. Others can be supported quite quickly based on customer request. The platform is also “security” agnostic and can support shares, bonds, loans, etc. and any type of security that can be tokenized, as well as utility tokens with security properties.

The platform is customizable to work in any combination of jurisdiction and investor domicile. The KYC/AML process will be designed from the start to support the relevant combinations, supporting retail, experienced/accredited/sophisticated, and institutional investors. The platform has a content management module where the administrator can upload content in order to design the layout for different STO user-facing pages. The platform supports payment with both crypto and fiat, through integration with Transfer wise and future PSD2 banking integration.

Many issuers are interested in dual capital raises where they target both crypto & blockchain investors, as well as traditional non-blockchain investors. The DigiShares platform supports this scenario as both tokenized and non-tokenized investors can participate in an STO. A tokenized investor is an investor who receives a token to represent the ownership of the security. A non-tokenized investor is an investor that is fully managed off-chain, meaning his/her investor relationship is managed as digitally as is legally possible ‚ÄĒ and otherwise paper-based and manually outside the platform. This ensures that no issuer will have to bet their fortunes on a successful STO but can hedge their bets and approach also traditional investors.

Finally, the platform provides a mini-exchange functionality with OTC-like trading capabilities. This allows issuers to offer their investors a limited trading capability and limited liquidity within their own network and community. The mini-exchange also allows for new investors to be invited in and white-listed such that they may purchase tokens from existing investors. This can support scenarios where existing investors want to exit and offer their tokens for sale.

About DigiShares

DigiShares provides a platform for issuance and post-issuance management of tokenized securities. It helps with the initial design of the security token such that it fulfills the requirements of the issuer jurisdiction, using the most popular security token protocols and helping ensure that the token may later be traded on forthcoming security token exchanges.

DigiShares is your trusted partner to ensure that your digital shares will be compliant and liquid.

DigiShares is currently conducting its own STO, learn more here.